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The Mitten Project is where tech founders come to launch and scale their startups!

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Building a startup is hard. Leverage a community that can help.

The Mitten Project was created for tech entrepreneurs like you who believe building businesses is about substance not location and are committed to pursuing their dreams in Michigan.

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Learn from world-class materials

Whether you're a maker or a visionary (or both), we have compiled a killer library of resources to help you build your company where you live.

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Connect with community

Entrepreneurship is a team sport. Leverage an entire community of individuals devoted to making MI the place for tech.

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Contribute back

We are open source, so you never have to worry about being sold a particular product or service. If you have a resource or skill to contribute, we are here to help!

Now is the time to build and engage.

This community has built international businesses and house-hold names for generations. If you're ready to expand that legacy into today's high-tech, high-growth environment, engage with The Mitten Project today.

  • Review our resources

    We have compiled a ton of targeted content from the community

  • Attend a session

    We regularly host events where you can learn from experts in the community

  • Find a mentor

    Developing a relationship with a mentor is one of the most rewarding—financially and personally—experiences an entrepreneur can have

  • Raise capital

    Ready to take your business to the next step? See if raising capital is right for your company

  • Become a mentor

    Holding a bi-weekly office hours is one of the best ways to help others and share your experiences

  • Perfect your idea

    Use one of our pitch feedback nights to sharpen your pitch and create some buzz

Join us today

It takes 30 seconds to sign up. We'll send you helpful tips and keep you up to date on what's happening in the community. You can also tell us a little more and we'll add you to our growing database of who's who, so we can connect you when opportunities arise.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is the Mitten Project?

      The project is a joint effort of technology leaders in Grand Rapids, MI to create targeted resources for founders and tech startups in the area. Our goal is to 10x the number of tech startups in the area through community mobilization!

    • Where should an interested founder start?

      Drop us a note using the "Join us" link above or interact with us on our Github. We'd love to engage with you!

    • How can I help if I'm an established entrepreneur?

      We would love to have you provide guidance to others in the community or contribute unique content to our Github or speak at an event. Reach out and we'll help you get plugged in!

    • How do I find out about meetups and educational events?

      Our events page is coming soon! If you join, we'll make sure to reach out when it is live.

    • Who maintains the project?

      There are a number of project maintainers including tech leaders from the Grand Rapids, MI area.

    • Are there other opportunities to be involved if I'm short on time?

      Of course! We will work with you in whatever capacity you can offer to better our community (e.g., event space, knowledge sharing, marketing, etc.)

    • Why did you start this / doesn't this exist?

      We wanted a focused effort on enabling tech startups in the West MI area. After speaking with many members of the community we felt there was an opportunity for an open source effort to allow the community to bootstrap itself in an inclusive manner.

    • Are you affiliated or sponsored by a group?

      The project is currently self funded by its maintainers.

    • Why open source?

      We wanted the project to be a resource created for—and maintained by—the community without a particular vendor or provider owning the content.